The successful Axor Starck collections now offer an even wider selection.

Axor and Philippe Starck: new solutions for small showers, wash basins and bath tubs.

24 x 24 cm overhead showers, a waterfall spout and the basin mixer with new intermediate height

Axor and French design star Philippe Starck take the showering experience to whole new dimensions. The 24 x 24 cm overhead showers continue to feature the square design of the Axor Starck ShowerCollection, on the ceiling and on the wall. These fit perfectly even in smaller showers where it is not possible to use the Axor Starck ShowerHeaven because of its size, and where an alternative to the plate overhead shower is needed.The new overhead showers come in three versions: flush with the ceiling, with ceiling connector or for wall mounting with shower arm. A flow limiter enables water consumption to be reduced to 20 l/minute or to 12 l/minute optionally.The wall-mounted gush shower in the 12x12 principle of the collection offers an awesome spa-like experience: A combination of shelf and spout offers the user the ultimate neck massage. The waterfall spout can also be used in the bath tub area to produce a serene, wide-ranging waterfall.

Axor Starck for the wash basin: new intermediate height feature 

The highly successful Axor Starck collection now includes a model with a convenient intermediate height: the single lever mixer 260 is perfectly tailored to the new counter top wash bowls from the Duravit Starck series and is particularly suited to shallow wash bowls. The characteristic Axor Starck design language is the ideal solution for any wash basin scenario. As with the existing Axor Starck mixers, EcoSmart technology is used here: an aerator limits water consumption to five litres per minute.

Showering convenience in minimalist design language 

It's hard to imagine a minimalist bathroom without the classic manual shower. Axor Starck now offers a single jet manual shower in high-quality metal design.

The Axor Starck ShowerCollection now offers an even better shower experience: new overhead showers in the 12x12 principle of the collection, perfect for smaller showers too.

Whether you like massaging your neck with an invigorating shower, or filling up the bath tub waterfall-style: the bath filler in the Axor Starck ShowerCollection is ideal for any requirement, its gush spray guaranteeing perfect water enjoyment. The combination of shelf and spout offers extra practical benefits in the minimalist design language of Philippe Starck.

The broad collection of Axor Starck single lever mixers offers you the right mixer for any situation – whether it is to be positioned outside or directly within the basin. From its convenient intermediate height, the Axor Starck single lever basin mixer 260 always directs its water jet at the right spot, into the counter top wash bowl or into a shallow wash bowl.

The single-jet Axor Starck manual shower, in high-quality metal design, is also available in the shower set. This is perfect for the classically minimalist bathroom. The flow rate is limited to 9 l/min.

The Axor Starck single lever basin mixer 260 fits perfectly next to the shallow wash basin.

Axor Starck basin mixer 260 for shallow wash basins

Does your customer love shallow wash basins and counter top wash bowls? Ones without a tap hole area for the mixer? The Axor Starck single lever basin mixer 260 directs its water jet to the perfect position from a convenient height. The new intermediate height product fits perfectly onto the edge of shallow bowls.