A bathroom with different areas of use: Merge bathroom and bedroom.

The fusion of bathroom and bedroom

A communicative space offering individual areas of privacy

How much privacy can a bathroom offer? And at the same time, how much space can be created so that you can live together in harmony? Two free-standing bath tubs side by side, a separate make-up corner, individually equipped wash basins, separate showers – these are a good approach towards achieving a bathroom where the occupants can have their own space and privacy, but can still share it. 

Different areas of use

Bathroom and living area merge into a comfortable
symbiotic combination of sleeping, body care, relaxation and regeneration. A radiator functions as room divider, keeping bedroom and bathroom apart and creating privacy. 

Plants used as a filter

Windows are the link to the outside. Plants form a natural transition and can make the bathroom seem more like a retreat. These filter areas create privacy – both going out and coming in. 

Axor Urquiola

The Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola achieved her own personal dream bathroom using her sensual Axor Urquiola collection and a very feminine vision.

Further suggestions for bathroom planning with Axor Urquiola