Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer in operation.

Axor Citterio Select

Two new masters of the kitchen featuring Select technology

Two elegant kitchen mixers open up new possibilities of expression for ambitious chefs and design enthusiasts. The high-quality, precisely-shaped handle is particularly striking. The fact that it is long and flat makes it particularly ergonomic to operate – ensuring a good grip, even with soapy hands. Another design feature is the mixer's slender base set. It also makes Axor Citterio Select look elegant.

The Select button for greater freedom of movement around the sink

Axor now also uses Hansgrohe's Select technology in its Axor Citterio kitchen mixers, providing some advantageous control options: just press the button to turn the water off – press it again to turn the water on. Your customer can therefore turn the water on and off really easily, without needing to interrupt his flow of work. It's that easy:

  • The lever handle is open, with the temperature and water volume remaining constant once they have been set. You can, of course, change the temperature or regulate the flow at any time via the handle.
  • The Select button is easy to operate using your finger, elbow or the back of your hand. This is particularly handy in the event that your customer has dirty hands. The result: a kitchen that runs smoothly and a clean mixer.
  • Added convenience: unintentional adjustment of the temperature or flow rate when turning on the mixer is therefore a thing of the past.

Two sophisticated variants – to suit any requirement

Axor Citterio Select includes two kitchen mixer versions: one variant with swivel spout and one version with pull-out spout. Both variants can be swivelled 110°/150°. The advantage of the pull-out spout is that the operating radius around the sink is greatly increased.

Greater freedom of movement and better functionality with the pull-out spout:

  • The spout can be pulled out up to a length of 50 cm – this provides greater flexibility and freedom of movement.
  • The MagFit magnetic bracket conveniently secures the hand spray back in the mixer body after use.
  • The high swivel spout (110°/150°) with ComfortZone creates plenty of space around the sink.

Elegance around the sink unit

  • Axor Citterio Select against a black background.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer.
  • Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer.
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