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iSpecify – for interior designers and bathroom planners

The online tool brings together inspiration and products from Hansgrohe

With iSpecify, the new online tool from Hansgrohe, professionals can save time preparing quotes that are precisely tailored to customer requirements: all relevant data is pooled, together with photos or further inspiration from the Hansgrohe catalogue, which serve to add clarity and authenticity to the quote.

No need to go to any other sources: use iSpecify to blend your planning creativity with technical research, so that you can achieve your goals faster and more reliably. Not only does the online tool make it easier to search for products in the Hansgrohe catalogue, it also makes it easier to document technical data and present the ideal solution: use iSpecify to keep an eye on the budget, not to mention standards and country-specific particularities. Custom create one project folder for everything, and adapt it at any time.

Check it out for yourself: iSpecify has proven highly effective in day-to-day planning. This is due to the fact that Hansgrohe developed the online tool in discussions with well-known interior designers. By designers for designers.

Product information in the Hansgrohe catalogue.
iSpecify offers easy access to all relevant information in the Hansgrohe product catalogue: filter by category or product feature to match your design concept. For example, bathroom mixers for wall mounting or floor-standing, filtered by style or surface finish.
Hansgrohe's global reference projects.
Browse through our international reference projects: ranging from hotels to private lifestyle and housing construction projects through to shipping. Find out all about the Hansgrohe products used in these projects, which can also be used in your own planning.
Login area for iSpecify.
Collect all the products in your own folder, and conveniently arrange them in keeping with the project. Download all product data and images for your own customised specification. One more click then takes you to Hansgrohe, where you can find out more about prices and get your own personal quote.
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