Overview of Axor Universal accessories.

Axor Universal accessories

Universal accessories – designed by Antonio Citterio

Axor Universal accessories offer bathroom professionals genuine added value: the new collection-spanning range of accessories is made up of elegant, timeless products which, thanks to their universal design, blend in perfectly with lots of Axor collections. Their soft shapes and clean lines blend in well with lots of different style worlds. However, Axor Universal accessories are not just attractive, they are also extremely versatile: because the modular system makes it possible to come up with intelligent solutions for a wide variety of needs.

The elements can be used as individual solutions or combined with one another: thus, the railing can be used either as a towel rack or as a base for other Axor Universal accessories such as the tooth brush tumbler or the soap dish. This flexibility of the Axor Universal accessories makes it easy to put together a tailored solution for customers: everything matches, and any item can also be added at a later stage.

Versatile: for use in bathrooms and kitchens

The Axor Universal accessories will impress your customers with their high-quality materials and functional details, which will prove their worth in practice.

  • Chrome-plated metal, mirror glass and white-coloured glass offer long-lasting beauty
  • Glass is scratch-resistant and extremely hygienic since it is easy to clean
  • The liquid soap dispenser is ergonomic to operate, even using only one hand, and can be used around the wash basin, around the bath tub, in the shower or in the kitchen
  • The railings and accessories are easy to install on the wall: with just two holes in the wall, several accessories can be quickly attached to a railing and further elements can be added at any time
  • Multiple combination options with other Axor collections
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