Axor Citterio E thermostat module 38 x 12.

Products for the shower

Axor Citterio E offers bathroom planners exceptionally top-quality solutions for the shower, which fulfil customers' high expectations in terms of comfort. The focus is on an elegant shower set and the innovative 38x12 thermostat modules. While the shower set constitutes an elegant combination of a Raindance Select S 120 hand shower with shower bar, hose and holder, the 38x12 thermostat modules are impressive thanks to their intuitive operation: the various consumers are selected via a lever handle, an elegant star handle controls the water volume and a cylindrical thermostat handle controls the temperature. The handles, shaped differently depending on the function you require, and the clear symbols make operation exceptionally easy, which is ideal for hotel bathrooms for example. True to the motto: “Easy to use.”

The 38x12 thermostat modules are available in two variants with a plate and wall flanges for two or three consumers. They are supplemented by nine basic sets, which are based on the simple modular principle of the Axor ShowerCollection. Both 38x12 thermostat modules can be installed vertically or horizontally: the clipped-in, clearly discernible consumer symbols can be adjusted on-site depending on the particular circumstances and consumers.

Alternatively, the three elements Trio/Quattro diverter, shut-off valve and thermostat can also be used individually. For joined installation, with 10 mm clearance in each case, we recommend new and existing base sets from the Axor ShowerCollection. Like the 38x12 thermostat modules and the shower module and porter set, these are based on the tried and tested concealed installation system of the Axor ShowerCollection, ensuring that installation is accurate.

The range is supplemented by an exposed shower thermostat and a 12x12 shower module – which can be used as a body, neck or overhead shower – and a 12x12 wall plate for installing an overhead shower – both in the collection's Softcube design.

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