Axor LampShower designed by Nendo

Making the bathroom more homely

The Axor LampShower – a product that is both a lamp and a shower – demonstrates the harmonious meeting of water and light. Its design, in the form of a lampshade, adds a sense of homeliness to the bathroom. With its warm-white colour temperature (2700 K), the integrated 5-watt LED, which is designed like a classic light bulb, provides pleasant ambient lighting and can be dimmed.

While at first glance this looks like a lamp, on looking closer you find that it offers a one-of-a-kind showering experience. A water jet rains down from the rim of the lampshade, completely enveloping the body – based on technology from the number one shower manufacturer. This is demonstrated in various details: 

  •  concealed water conduit via six lampshade tubes
  • the shower arm of the wall version can be swivelled 150 degrees
  • the shower can be adjusted vertically by five degrees at the ball joint and precisely aligned
  • wide circle of rain with low water consumption (12 l/min)
  • the spray disc is removable and easy to clean
  • power connection via 7 m cable for separate switch outside the wet area

“It's not just a shower and it's not just a lamp, it's a hybrid”, Oki Sato, creative head of the Japanese design studio Nendo, said of the Axor LampShower. The lightness of the design and the innovative water experience add an unprecedented sensuality to the shower.

The Axor LampShower does away with the traditional boundaries between spaces. The bathroom blends into the living area as though it were always so. At the same time, the Axor LampShower brings a homely character to the bathroom, and can be perfectly combined with shower and bathroom products from a range of different collections and styles.

As well as the chrome variants, the Axor manufacturing team offers various special finishes, such as a gold look for example.  Therefore the Axor LampShower can be refined to satisfy the personal preferences of the bathroom customer.