Talis Select S ComfortZone

Talis mixers

Mixers that offer exceptional ease of use – now featuring the Select button

hansgrohe is bringing out two mixer ranges featuring Select technology for the very first time:
Talis Select S and Talis Select E. Form and function come together, the lever completely disappears, and your customers can control their mixers at the touch of a button. Not only does this offer ultimate convenience, it also helps save water: the intuitive operation encourages users to turn the water off. The completely new design concept will help you tap into additional customer groups.

For those who like the characteristic pin handles or rotatable spouts on the Talis design: the standard versions are still included in the range - some in the new design.
Talis Select S mixer

Talis S for wash basins, bidets, bath tubs and showers

Talis S single lever basin mixers (80 / 100 / 190) are easy to operate using the pin handle; the variants with a side handle get less dirty and are easy to clean. They are also available as a 3-hole basin mixer and for wall mounting. For the bath tub, the range is available in different variants, for example: 3- and 4-hole variants for both concealed and exposed installations, and a floor-standing mixer. Talis Select S basin mixers (80 / 100 / 190) perform the task using a button instead of the conventional lever handle. Select technology makes your day-to-day bathroom routine easier with this new generation of products.

Mixers from the Talis S and Talis Select S range ( von )

Talis Select E mixer

Talis E for wash basins, bidets, bath tubs and showers

New design: with their precise and natural shapes, the hansgrohe Talis E single lever mixers (80 / 110 / 240) offer ultimate convenience at the wash basin. They are available as 3-hole mixers and for wall mounting as well. For the bath tub they come in 3- and 4-hole mixer variants, being available for both exposed and concealed installations in the shower. Talis Select E, the Select variant of Talis E mixer range, can be operated simply by pressing the Select button, thanks to the Select technology that makes it unbelievably easy. Here too, various heights (110 / 240) create plenty of space between the spout and wash basin.

Mixers from the Talis E and Talis Select E range ( von )

Talis basin mixer

Talis for wash basins, bidets, bath tubs and showers

The multi-award-winning Talis basin mixers are designed to be slender and simplistic. They feature the characteristic pin handles, some with swivel spouts or rotatable spouts - for a high, arc-shaped jet. They are available as a 2-handle or 3-hole mixer or for wall mounting, and they also come in lots of versions with a pin handle for bath tubs and showers.

Mixers from the Talis range ( von )

Modern shower ambience

Talis for bath tubs and showers

A strikingly modern look for bath tubs and showers: the Talis range includes single-lever mixers for exposed and concealed installation.

Bath and shower mixers from the Talis range ( von )

Talis S basin mixer

Talis S – the popular modern classics

Slender, functional, value for money: many of your customers will love Talis S for their wash basins, bath tubs, showers and bidets. For the wash basin there are various single lever mixers, while for bath tubs and showers there are mixers for exposed and concealed installation. These affordably-priced, exclusive bathroom mixers are a paradigm of minimalist design. Featuring a pin handle and high-quality mixer technology.

Mixers from the Talis S range ( von )

Talis E² single lever mixer

Talis E² mixers – organic design

Clear, understated, yet at the same time warm and emotional: mixers from hansgrohe Talis E² range are naturally beautiful. Their harmonious curves, elegant edges and sparkling finishes create a perfectly flowing style. Available as single lever mixers for wash basins, bath tubs and showers – also in concealed installation variants.

Mixers from the Talis E² range ( von )


More top selling points for Talis:

  • Economical and environmentally friendly thanks to their automatic water volume restriction of 5 litres/minute with EcoSmart and CoolStart technology.
  • The models with a rotatable spout provide a versatile spray arc – for rinsing your mouth or washing your hair at the wash basin, for example. The convenient rotatable spout creates extra clearance and also comes in handy for cleaning the ceramics.
  • Rewarding customer service: The hansgrohe ComfortZone test shows you matching wash basin and mixer combinations. This means that annoying splashing is now a thing of the past – and you will have gained some satisfied customers to boot.