Innovative mixer operation

This concept makes us more aware of our consumption of water

Axor Starck Organic is opening up a new chapter in bathroom mixer operation: the handles of these intriguingly innovative two handle mixers are clearly separate, but at the same time they are ergonomic to operate and offer greater user convenience. The valve is conveniently situated right where your hands use the water. The temperature setting, which is rarely modified, is separate, on the top of the mixer.

Separate operation means greater convenience and cleanliness, which bathroom customers will definitely appreciate. The water volume control on the spout means that water drips into the basin during operation. The temperature pre-adjustment at the top end of the mixer guarantees cleanliness, because the handle is operated before washing, while the hands are still dry. This reduces maintenance requirements for wash basin and mixers.

There are two water volume adjustment levels: the flow can be set to a constant 3.5 litres/minute, which equates to extremely economical consumption in the normal position, and can be increased to 5 litres/minute by turning to the “Booster“ position when required.

Separate operation is consumption-efficient: The temperature pre-adjustment means that less hot water is used in mixing, and energy use is minimised. Its location, at the top end of the mixer, means that any modification of this setting is always intentional. The hot/cold marking, ranging from green (cold) to orange (hot) is very clear.

In every hand position and from any angle, the design is a picture of harmony.