Revolutionary water experience

The mixer shower jet makes all the difference

Inspire your bathroom customers with a completely new water experience: incorporating the revolutionary Axor Starck Organic mixer shower jet in your bathroom planning guarantees an amazingly sensual wash basin experience. 90 jets in the mixer's jet former work together to make your hands feel absolutely amazing. The mixer shower jet is highly functional, as it thoroughly bathes your skin.

Axor Starck Organic also has economical advantages and better environmental efficiency, because the mixer uses water really sparingly. In the normal position, the flow is significantly less than the consumption of conventional mixers, at a maximum 3.5 litres/minute. And all this with no compromise in terms of functionality or water experience.

Axor Starck Organic is also great for those bathroom customers who occasionally prefer a more powerful water jet at the wash basin. One turn of the water outlet valve past the normal position increases the flow to 5 litres/minute. This adjustment is always intentional, characterising the responsible use of water, which is a functional principle of Axor Starck Organic.

The jet former can be turned by up to five degrees in any direction, so that the water jet can be optimally adapted to the shape of the basin. The jet former has a QuickClean cleaning function, which can be used to easily remove limescale deposits. If a conventional jet is required, the jet former can simply be replaced.