Organic minimalist design

The mixer is stripped of anything unnecessary

The powerful design of Axor Starck Organic is organic minimalist and draws its inspiration from nature, which similarly gets by with the bare minimum. The sculptural presence and sophisticated look of Axor Starck Organic offer the planner new options for setting accents in the customer's bathroom.

Concentration on the essential is the design principle that Philippe Starck adopted when creating the new collection. The mixers are stripped of anything unnecessary. This minimalism is continued in the economical use of resources, represented in the construction principle and in the economic consumption suggested by the functional principle of the mixers.

The organic minimalism of Axor Starck Organic is characterised by the fact that the handles visually blend into the mixer bodies and are as ergonomic as they are functional: in each position the handle indicates the selected setting, and the hot/cold marking is subtly integrated into the mixer body. In every handle position and from any angle, the mixer is a picture of harmony.

Axor Starck Organic is a bathroom collection from one single source. This helps the planner draft designs for customers, by offering access to more than 40 products for all areas of the bathroom. The design is perfect for a sensual or natural bathroom, or as part of a puristic solution. For the professional, this opens up multiple combination options with a wide range of different wash basins and bathroom ambiences.